Just For Kicks Vol. 5 (Mixtape)

Starkks – The Ultimate Warrior LP

Wes – Anesthetic EP

Triumph Feat. Tony Starkks, Christopher Scott, and Bryan Menace

Starkks – Underground Royalty (Music Video)

The Locals – Hive (Earl Sweatshirt ShroomMix)

The Locals – Go (MellowHigh ShroomMix) (JFK5 Preview)

A preview from Just For Kicks Volume 5!

SoundShroom Wes – An Ohio Winter (Album)

NoBullshit Shane – Words Carry Weight (Album)

SoundShroom Wes – Here We Go Again (Prod. by Donny G)

SoundShroom Wes drops a song that was cut from his upcoming album “An Ohio Winter”