Tuesday, October 13, 2015

(#JFK6) 9. Wes - Only (Feat. Tony Sin and Chris) (Nicki Minaj)

Wes brought along Tony Sin and Christopher Scott on this remix of "Only" by Nicki Minaj. The original SoundMushroom Music founders teamed up for this new SoundShroom banger which features a heavy bassline over three very different styles of rap.

We stay in the octagon hardcore.
Pushing that shit when I run it like bricks, parkour. 
Can't wet me up, I absorb that shit,
But I still get no support, cardboard. 
-Christopher Scott

Monday, October 12, 2015

(#JFK6) 8. CBoiG - Stoner (Feat Wes) (Young Thug)

CBoiG came through with the remix of Young Thug's "Stoner" for the 8th track on #JFK6. The track was originally slated to feature NoBullshit Shane and The Locals on #JFK5. The track was eventually lost in the fold and didn't make it to the mixtape. Over a year later, Wes found the track, mixed the vocals, and added a verse of his own.

"I just got some yellow weed, chilling like a bus.
I roll extendos long, just like a bus.
My young'ns go to school riding on the bus.
I can't trust the police 'cuz they might just bust."


Sunday, October 11, 2015

(#JFK6) 7. Tony Starkks, Bryan Menace, Christopher Scott - Who Shot Ya (Notorious BIG Remix)

The notorious trio that brought you the Wu Tang tribute "Triumph" is back. Tony Starkks, Bryan Menace, and Christopher Scott used Notorious BIG's 'Who Shot Ya?' instrumental for the second classic remix and 7th track on #JFK6.

So tell me who's hotter? 
For years, spittin' lava. 
Son'd a couple rappers.
You could call me Big Poppa. 

Organizing like mobsters. 
Overthrowing these imposters. 
Our day is coming soon,
I bet they dread it a rasta. 
-Tony Starkks

Saturday, October 10, 2015

(#JFK6) 6. Crazy T and Tony Sin - Hot Boy (Feat. Wes) (Bankroll Fresh)

Madhouze Muzik's Tony Sin and Crazy T team up with Soundshroom Wes to deliver a haunting track set to Bankroll Fresh's Hot Boy instrumental. Rapid fire verses and a melodic hook set the tone for the sound of the end of the summer. The Sun goes down for the Halloween season with MadHouze and SoundShroom.

"I sit low, my skin cold. 
Look at them creeping up into my soul. 
Them kicks though, I flip those. 
I'm trippin' but diggin' more deep in a hole. 
I dip though, not spit more. 
I grip beats and kill those but didn't close a deal.  
I've been looking out that window..."

Friday, October 9, 2015

(#JFK6) 5. Jacob Ruby, Tony Sin, and Wes - Fire Squad (J. Cole)

Jacob Ruby, Tony Sin, and Wes took the J. Cole beat "Fire Squad" and remixed it into a new SoundShroom anthem. The song begins with Wes singing a hook of perseverance with lyrics aimed at anyone who doubts SoundShroom. The track has an overall feel of vengeance and retribution against the negative vibes that can bring any one of us down.

"I wonder if weather gets better.
I'm stuck in Ohio forever.
I think I need to get sweaters.
My sickness is clever, arranging words and some letters.
It's a way with my pleasure. I'm squeezing juice from the nectar."
-Jacob Ruby

Thursday, October 8, 2015

(#JFK6) 4. Wes - 56 Nights (Future)

The first solo track from Wes on JFK6, "56 nights" features inebriated sing-song lyrics processed with heavy autotune and reverb that creates a dark party vibe similar to the original track by Future. The song drowns the listener in a potent concoction of inebriation and repetition that eventually gives way to profound moments of clarity.

Closed mind in my darkest days. Dosed rhymes for them artist plays. No marketing, just me and my mic, wondering how to get my heart back in. I spark it up with a blow torch. Our winters cold, need a snow fort. Her nose red, clothes on the bed. She's like, "Cool?" and I said go for it. -Wes

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

(#JFK6) 3. Christopher Scott - Give It To You (Feat J. Boogie, J. Knight, and Bryan Menace) (Da Brat)

After the first two tracks on JFK6 hit you in the face with raw SoundShroom energy, the third track takes a turn for a more mellow and classic hip-hop feel. Chrstopher Scott flipped Da Brat's "Give It To You" and brought along J. Boogie, J. Knight, and Bryan Menace for the ultimate 90's party track. "Give It To You" brings positive vibes and is the first old-school remix featured on JFK6.

It ain't no comedy. This shit is real. When I say that if I don't get keyed soon, motherfucker, you're getting peeled.  -Christopher Scott